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ExperTox® – Expert Toxicology Combined with Extraordinary Care

Drugs, alcohol, poisons, toxic substances – these words cause a mix of emotions for people, ranging from concern and anger, to confusion and fear.  That is why you need a toxicology laboratory you can trust, yet is willing to take the time to answer all of your questions, understand your unique and personal situation,  and support you through the testing  process.  This is ExperTox.

The “X” in our name does not just describe our strength and recognition in science – expert toxicology – it also symbolizes our mission, to cross science with a human heart.  The intersection of these two ensures our customers receive:


  • Extra care, from the first call through delivery of the test results
  • The exact test for your specific situation
  • Expert toxicology testing you can trust
  • Expedient results
  • An extraordinary experience

Our one-of-a-kind differences ensure we are doing what we can to give you options for solutions, subsequently giving you the ability to make next-step decisions based on facts - the results.


If you need help with

or need to explore whether our services can provide answers to your particular question, contact us at 1-877-973-7869 (XPE-RTOX) or We are ready to help.





ExperTox is available for all your testing needs

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