For Legal/Criminal Justice

Drug and alcohol testing is a necessity for professionals involved in legal representation, investigation, law enforcement and other areas of criminal justice. 

Why?  Just take a look at the statistics:


ExperTox recognizes that drug and alcohol-related cases require detailed chain-of-custody and specimen handling by a proven and accredited forensic expert.

Law enforcement, criminal justice and legal professionals have found their single source forensic toxicology solution in ExperTox. Why?


Toxicology for legal professionals is not just about drugs, alcohol and crime.  Personal injury, malpractice and criminal attorneys, as well as private investigators and medical examiners, trust ExperTox to help them with other toxicology testing needs, such as:


If you want a tight case, you have to be able to trust a dependable and experienced forensic toxicology laboratory.  That is where ExperTox® comes in - contact us now for immediate assistance, 1-877-973-7869 (XPE-RTOX) or

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1. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics

2. Mothers Against Drunk Driving,


We Now Test for JWH018 Commonly Found in K2 and "Spice"

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